Ex-Budgie drummer; guitarist; singer; songwriter

Ray Phillips



Selection of videos of Ray Phillips performing or recording with the bands he founded.

These include Budgie, Tredegar, Six Ton Budgie and The Ray Phillips Band.

'Ray Phillips added space between his powerful and often truly original fills n' beats. Space for Shelly's thunder bass and Bourge's stunningly original guitar work. The perfect HM combo...' Art Axix 2014† Awesome 2nd album (Squawk) from british rock band budgie i love the fact they are rock, metal and prog rock. a lot is going on in all their albums so ahead of their time just pure amazing. Jamie McCallum One of the most creative trios in any era.!? Adrian Trott Their talent and influence transcend general record sales.? Travis Janot 2014 Albums: Budgie†(1971) Budgie's debut is a bluesy, bludgeoningly heavy masterpiece.† Highlights include "Homicidal Suicidal," "Guts," and "Rape of The Locks" Patterns were established for all future albums, including odd song titles "Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman," and decidedly un-heavy acoustic love songs which break up the album. Squawk (1972) Squawk features less bassy, crisper and more polished production. The songwriting is more focused and concise with less jamming and over-all there's more of a boogie/blues rock feel. My favorite is "Hot As A Docker's Armpit" which is absolutely killer and belongs right at the top of any list of their best . ) Never Turn Your Back On a Friend (1973) The album kicks off with the classic "Breadfan". Killer tune. A good cover of the blues standard "Baby Please Don't Go," follows. "You're The Best Thing Since Powdered Milk," is prog rock at it's best and "In The Grip Of The Tyrefitters Hand," journeys into into funk territory.† "Parents" is the album closing epic featuring Tony Bourges' guitar stylings venturing into the realm of jazz . Another stellar record. (http://livefastdiefastslays.blogspot.co.uk/)

Original line-up of Budgie, with Burke Shelley (Bass and Lead vocals), Tony Bourge, (Lead Guitar), and Ray Phillips (Drums)




Ray Phillips playing Budgie Classic " BreadFan" at Booty's Fill Your Head With Rock festival in Willenhall West Midlands UK in 2001





Squawk album - When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth


Band 'Titus Oats' playing Coming Home, with Ray Phillips

Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman - Budgie


The Author - Budgie







Taken from the album 'Tredegar'. 1986 Aries Records.



Borehamwood~90ís. Ray Phillips, Tom Prince, Justin Phillips, Paul Parry (guest vocals).




Ray Phillips Band Lion Rally 2014

Ray Phillips Band - Wang Dang Doodle. Live at The Chapel' RNCB 2011





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