Ex-Budgie drummer; Ray Phillips formed 'Tredegar' in 1982



TREDEGAR was initiated in 1982 by the ex-BUDGIE duo of drummer Ray Phillips and guitarist Tony Bourge in collaboration with bass player Alan Fish, of ZORRO, DUMPYS RUSTY NUTS and GROUNDHOGS. TREDEGAR self financed their album and single release. The band found themselves minus a vocalist prior to recording the first 1986 album so PERSIAN RISK and TOKYO BLADE frontman Carl Sentence performed vocal duties on the record. They also brought in Tom Prince on bass. The first 500 copies of the album were coated in genuine gold leaf, making them much sought after collectors' items.

Tredegar logo

Demo: Tredegar 1982
DVD: Tredegar Rocks Chistlehurst, 1983
Album: Tredegar - 1986
Single: Duma - 1986
European Tour 1990 - Supporting 'Demon'
Compilation Album: Tredegar - Remix & Rebirth (1986-91) plus Bonus Live Tracks 1994

Video: MTV, Sky, Music Box, The Chart Show,, TV-AM

Tredegar live

Tredegar: Mega Metal KERRANG! No. 3, 1986

Based in Wales, TREDEGAR was formed in 1982 by the ex-BUDGIE duo of drummer Ray Phillips and guitarist Tony Bourge in collaboration with erstwhile ZORRO, DUMPYS RUSTY NUTS and GROUNDHOGS bass player Alan Fish, although he departed to join the GROUNDHOGS and then form AUTOLAND COMMAND before joining EGYPT. The bassist's position was taken by Tom Prince. Ian Hornsby was a featured vocalist in their early lineup.

TREDEGAR broke new ground by self financing their self-titled album and "Duma", single release. Finding themselves minus a vocalist prior to recording the first album in 1986, PERSIAN RISK and TOKYO BLADE frontman Carl Sentence performed vocal duties on the record. The first 500 copies of the album sleeve were coated in genuine gold leaf, making them much sought after collectors items. Sentence's career took him on through the GEEZER BUTLER BAND, PAUL CHAPMAN's GHOST and KROKUS.

TREDEGAR finally found a permanent vocalist in Russ North just before the album's release and the band would prove club regulars including many old BUDGIE numbers in their set.
The band recorded a second album in 1991 with vocalist Trixie Thorne but this never saw the light of day until the 'Remix And Rebirth' CD in 1994.
Initially, Tredegar were signed for a 3-year contract with German Record Company, SVP, which covered Germany and Europe, which later fell through. 'Remix And Rebirth', contained Tredegar's 1986 full-length debut in its entirety, their unreleased 1991 album in its entirety, and some extra tracks. All tracks were re-mastered. TREDEGAR were resurrected by Phillips in 1993 retitled SIX TON BUDGIE, the pre-recording name of BUDGIE.



Tredegar Album cover

'Tredegar' review


As the song titles and cover artwork might suggest, this is not the typical speedy, punkish NWOBHM that many bands of the era churned out. This is of the more melodic, heavy variety, with lyrics that are so delightfully outlandish they make Ronnie James Dio seem tame by comparison. The entire album concept seems to revolve around kings, castles, and knights, though done in a slightly more tasteful manner than the aforementioned Dio. One thing worth mentioning, of course, is that this sounds nothing like Budgie at all. Bourge’s trademark heaviness is here, but where he used to accompany Burke and the gang on musical flights of fancy and Beatles-esque ballads, what we have here is more 80’s-tinged heavy metal with only slight hints of Bourge’s Budgie work.

The album’s single is “Duma,” the leadoff track, which sounds like it was intended to be a hit. Bourge plays a simple but catchy riff while singer Carl Sentence provides the cadence for a medieval battle of swords and sorcery before launching into the chorus, a repetitive but effective chanting of the song’s title. After the band shakes off the obligatory commercial track, though, things get interesting. “The Alchemist” is a multipart epic that combines speed and heaviness to immediately transport the listener to King Arthur’s court. “Battle of Bosworth” is a half ballad/half rocker that takes the listener by surprise. “Which Way To Go” is another highlight, a slow number with very catchy guitar work, and featuring a vocal performance by Russ North (later of Cloven Hoof).

At eight tracks, it can be easy not to have filler, but indeed, there is none. Every song here is fully realized and clearly a product of creativity and hard work. The success was no match for Budgie, who were still selling plenty of albums through their demise in the early 80s, and the songwriting doesn’t quite match up to Budgie’s best output, but this album stands as a last hurrah for fantasy NWOBHM and is recommended for all classic metal fans.

Which Way To Go

1066 - with guest vocalist, Trixie Thorne, in 1989 (unreleased)

  (Interview by Malcolm Dome)

'Tony had built a four-track studio at his house and we spent six months recording with Welsh session musicians and just took our time getting all the songs ready for the public to hear them. We then began yo audition for a long-term touring band and about two years ago set foot onto the road, initially doing local gigs and building from there.' The current line-up (featuring lead vocalist and Paul Stanley freak Russ North, lead guitarist Andy Wood and bassist Mike Taylor) came together some time later.
Faced with total indifference from all record companies (The major ones weren't at all interested in hard rock and the smaller ones didn't wanna know 'cos we weren't a Trash Metal band), Phillips, Bourge and Scottish manager Jimmy Kelley went for broke and raised the money themselves to lay down the vinyl. They formed Aries Records and recorded 'Tredegar', the debut album I reviewed in Kerrangl #123
"We wanted to go beyond just putting out another independent LP, so I designed a gatefold sleeve with our logo embossed in gold on the cover and we've also put out a single "Duma", again with an expensive sleeve. To be honest, we've had so many problems along the way that at one time, I did wonder what was gonna come out of this but I think the records are ones we can all feel proud of. "Tredegar then hired a small video company to shoot a live version of "Duma" at the Hatfield Forum, using a 15-strong crew, one camera and just three-and-a-half hours of time and then, having persuaded PRT to distribute to opus in the UK, tried to garner some interest in the States.
"I'll never forget going up to see someone at Atlantic Records in New York. It amazed me how the guy could sit there only half listening to the music, taking phone calls all the time and then at the end of it all proclaim, "You'll never get any radio airplay with this'. But that's what happened. It really depressed us because it seemed as if our dream was being cut from under us, especially as the other companies were also unimpressed, but we persevered and got a really amazing response from the US radio/video stations.We then took another chance and hired a stand at the recent Montreux Music Video Festival. We were the only independent company to do something like that and the response again was great. We got assurances of airplay from 'Sky Channel/Music Box/Much Music' of Canada and as a result of our presence we also got a recent slot of TV AM - quite a coup!"The money is starting to run out now for the band, but the job is done. Records are in the shops on both sides of the Atalantic ('Important' picked up the LP/Single in America for distribution) and touring plans being laid. It's far too early to tell whether or not the boys' heavy gamble has paid off (sales of some 60,000 worldwide are needed for the quintet merely to break even on this project), but I can't help but wish 'em well.
Any act who show the enterprise to do what they have done without any big-time aid, deserves all the success available to 'em.


Ray Phillips (drums), 
Anthony Bourge (guitar),
Alan Fish (bass, 1982-85),
Ian Hornsby (vocals, 1983-86),
Tom Prince (bass, 1985-87),
Carl Sentence (vocals, 1986),
Russ North (vocals, 1986-87),
Andy Wood (guitar, 1987),
Mike Taylor (bass, 1987),
Lee Jones (guitar, 1987-91),
Trixie Thorne (vocals, 1991),
Paul Parry (vocals)

Tredegar lineups

1982-84 : Ian Hornsby (vocals), Andy Wood (guitar), Tony Bourge (guitar), Alan Fish (bass), Ray Phillips (drums)

1985 -87 : Russ North(vocals), Andy Wood (guitar), Tony Bourge (guitar), Tom Prince(bass), Ray Phillips (drums)

1988 - 1994 : Trixie Thorne, Tony Bourge (guitar), Lee Jones,(guitar), Mike Taylor (bass), Ray Phillips (drums)










Duma coverDuma EP   Remix album1986 Tredegar Remix album

Ray recording the 'Tredegar' album - 1986

Ray in 1986


1986 UK Tour Tredegar 'Wheels' Tour

Tredegar TV interview.
1986 Lineup (L-R): Tony Bourge, Tom Prince,  Russ North,  Ray Phillips, Andy Wood








Tom Prince and Andy Wood with Tredegar on TV Tom Prince in Tredegar

Ray being interviewed on TV Ray being interviewed on Breakfast TV


Tredegar album inner Album back sleeve of' Tredegar'


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