Bassist Tom Prince has perfomed with Phantasm, The Mysteries and with Ray Phillips in Tredegar, Six Ton Budgie and Ray's current band.

Tom Prince


Bassist, Tom Prince, born 1955, is half-German, but hails from Basingstoke where he made a name for himself in his first band, The Nozes, formed in 1980. He was already an experienced perfomer having done his first gig at age 12!

The Nozes were a four piece with a very British sound, and worked with Bill Gill of Olympic Studios in London. With Tom were singer, Louis Spyrou, Tony Pellerin on drums and Hari Brzezinski on lead guitar. As well as many London and UK gigs, the band toured Switzerland and France. The record deal they deserved didn't materialise and Tom moved on.

Tom's style grew heavier and more rocky and he moved to Wales, where he evntually became bassist in Ray Phillip's 'Tredegar' band around the time of their album release in 1986.

Tom's next band was Phantasm, formed by Dave Dufont (ex-Angel Witch/Tytan) and with guitarist Garry Jones and sexy rock vocalist, Jan Stevens, Phantasm attracted a strong rock following and performed all over the UK..

In 1993, Tom returned to work with Ray Phillips in the re-formed Six Ton Budgie with Ray and Justine Phillips on lead guitar. Six Ton Budgie recorded 3 Albums, but excelled as a live trio, to a solid fan base. Their sets included the Budgie classics 'Breadfan', Crash Course in Brain Surgery, Wildfire, Napoleon Bona Parts 1 & 2, Forearm Smash and In For The Kill. The band toured the UK extensively through the 1990's.

Tom was also bassist with The Mysteries.

Tom recording.



'On 'The Stealer', Tom Prince shows the backbone behind Phantasm. A bassist of infinite competence, Tom is the unsung hero who shifts Phantasm into overdrive.

The music is generally hard, heavy, sweaty and raw. But the band is tight with just the scent of polish which makes them totally credable.'

Mark Norman














Tom the bass! A young Tom the bass!

Tom playing guitar Tom plays a bit of guitar too.



Tome Prince with Tredegar

Tom (rt) with Tony Bourge, 'Tredegar' Roadie Paul Parry,and Ray Phillips in 1980's

Tredegar live

Tom in Six Ton Budgie with Ray and Justin Phillips, 1986

Six Ton Budgie tour

1993 UK Tour with Six Ton Budgie

Six Ton Budgie live

Tom Prince, Ray Phillips and Justin Phillips - Six Ton Budgie, live.

Early touring days for Tom.Early days touring . . . Tom relaxes on tour Tom relaxing



Six Ton Budgie's Ornithology album, 1996

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