Ray Phillips continues his music through 'The Ray Phillips Band'

Ray Phillips Band


After a long break from music looking after his father, who had a long term illness, Ray returned to making music. He tentatively began work on a solo album around 2008 which he eventually recorded and produced from his studio at his farmhouse home in early 2011. Collaborating with friends and fellow musicians Adam Healy and Tom Prince, Ray once again performs live gigs across the UK with the Ray Phillips Band. Increasingly though, Ray is enjoying writing, recording and producing his own songs.

The Ray Phillips Band

Tredegar live


Ray back in action

Judgement Day 2011 - Listen to tracks HERE

Judgement Day



Adam Healy/Justin Phillips - Guitar/Acoustic guitar
Ray Phillips - Drums/Vocals
Tom Prince - bass


During late 2008, Ray Phillips would launch into major activity to facilitate his return to the rock scene. Having made some initial plans, with the help of his newly appointed PR Management Team, those plans were set to grow daily. Ray would set about working on his very first solo album, and at this point would already receive considerable press. In January/February Ray was featured in an Australian music publication and two Los Angeles music publications, while also receiving airplay with his previous recordings across California. Ray would go on to complete interviews with Hollywood Music TV – aired March 2009, and appeared in Sweden Rock Magazine as well as an appearance in Brazil’s largest Classic Rock Magazine Poeiza. At this point, Ray would also start to consider the possible release of a deluxe DVD to feature early TREDEGAR footage as well as some never before seen footage. In addition Ray would also start to consider the possibility of writing his first book, featuring notable stories from his time on the road with BUDGIE. In 2011, Ray launched his first solo album ‘Judgement Day,’ About the same time Ray also returned to the live music scene with the rise of The Ray Phillips Band. Ray actually had no intention of forming a band at all, but having had the opportunity of meeting up with guitarist Adam Healey, and asking if he’d like to do some work on the ‘Judgement Day’ album, he felt it may be worthwhile. For the first time in many years, Ray had not only found someone who was an excellent rock guitarist, but also a great acoustic picker. After many conversations with both Tom Prince and Adam Healey, in many pubs and brothels, they had all agreed the foundations for The Ray Phillips Band. The Ray Phillips Band performed their first gig on September 25th 2010 at Poison in Basingstoke and went on to perform in venues across the south west.


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