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Ray Phillips formed in Six Ton Budgie playing drums and singing lead vocals alongside his longtime bassist, Tom Prince and his son, guitarist Justin Phillips.
Six Ton Budgie recorded 3 Albums:
Unplucked in 1995, Ornithology in 1996 and 'A Bird's Eye View' in 1999, though many would say the hard-hitting rock trio performed best as a live band, which won them a solid fan base throughout the UK. Their sets included the Budgie classics 'Breadfan', Crash Course in Brain Surgery, Wildfire, Napoleon Bona Parts 1 & 2, Forearm Smash and In For The Kill. The band toured the UK extensively through the 1990's, initially with Sam Lees on guitar, later Justin Phillips; and Jason Marsh on bass, later Tom Prince.
Six Ton Budgie had an Autralian-based Fanzine, Sabre Dance, which attracted subscribers throughout the US, Europe and Japan.



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'A Bird's Eye View' : Six Ton Budgie(1999)

Judgement Day by Ray Phillips




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