After leaving Budgie, Ray Phillips formed several new bands

Beyond Budgie




Tredegar live

1974 - 1980's

After Budgie, Ray took a break before forming a new band in the mid 1970s called 'Ray Phillips Woman' with guitarists, Kelvin Smith and Ned Edwards, along with bassist, Les Phillips.

It was twin lead-guitar based format with lighter, Wishbone Ash-type harmonies.

After touring for several years, former Budgie guitarist, Tony Bourge, who left Budgie in 1978, joined the band, which became simply 'Woman' .

In the early 1980’s, Ray was ready to launch his next big project. . .

That project was TREDEGAR. This would tie in nicely with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal which was now prominent. In addition to Ray Phillips and Tony Bourge, the early line-up of TREDEGAR featured Ian Hornsby on vocals and Alan Fish on bass - later replaced by Ray's frined and talented bassist, Tom Prince.

The band were popular on the club scene, often including BUDGIE classics in their live set.



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